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Virtual Try on Glasses

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Some people avoid ordering their glasses online because they can’t know for sure how well a particular pair will match their faces. Some glasses are designed for a particular face shape and size, so knowing your own particular measurements will go a long way.
At Vint and York, we make finding the right glasses for you easy. You can try on glasses online and make sure you buy the right pair.


We offer a free Virtual Try-On software app that enables you to model different pairs of glasses without leaving your desk.

Each product has a “Try it!” sticker on the upper left corner of the eyewear photo. You can upload a photo of yourself and then superimpose the image of the frames you're interested in on your picture.

Click on the “Try It!” sticker and follow the next steps:

  1. Upload a selfie picture using your webcam.
  2. Upload a photo from your computer.
  3. Upload a picture from your Facebook account.

From there, the particular frame you choose will be added to your image, so you have a clear idea of how they might look on you. We encourage you to send them your friends for feedback, if you need an opinion on what looks best on you!

You can also virtually try on the glasses from your mobile phone, either you use Android or iOS.
If you don't have an image at this time, the Virtual Try-On service includes a number of model images to see how the glasses look on a specific face shape and size. If you're a proponent of trying something on before you buy it, the Virtual Try-On service will help ensure you find the perfect pair for you.